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The Best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Agency in Surrey.

Within this Blog, I will show you how I have raised my own SEO business listing within Surrey Hills using a number of SEO tactics.

In order to drive traffic to your website, you need to master The Art of SEO (and yes, there is a book on it). It’s nearly  1K pages long…
This book is a bit dated now, I’m sure if you click the book Amazon will show alternatives. 
Quite simply put, great SEO is what gets your website on to the first page of a search engine following when a visitor has entered a search query.
In the example below I am using Google as the search engine & have entered ‘Christmas gifts’ as the search query to help you visualise this approach.
SEM vs SEO on a Google Search
As you can see above, the amber box shows you the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) results, which in this case is displayed Adverts.
The green box shows you the websites which have been ranked organically and this is known as SEO.
A common question I am asked is How do I get my website on to Page 1 of Google?. Below is a screen capture from Google on this question.

Within this blog, I will give you a high-level view of how I implement SEO and did it for my rankings.

SEO takes time! SEO is a continuous process. You can’t spend a few hours on SEO and expect results.

SEO has its own profession. People work on optimisation as a full-time job.

Your Options,
1 = learn for yourself by reading articles like this and following guides on YouTube. This is how I started out in 2015  and I have since completed some full courses giving me certifications. one of which I will mention next.
2 = I would highly recommend the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization course provided by coursera. This is a selection of 5 courses that take you on the SEO journey from beginner to advanced. Personally, I think a beginner could complete this course within a month as long as you spend a few evenings each week working on your assignments.
3 = High an SEO freelancer like myself to build a plan for you & then execute/deploy. I have an SEO package for £197 which is an Audit of your site to get you going. Shameless plug I know :-). 

Scott Shanks Case Study for SEO

This blog will guide you through the process.
Aim = Using SEO principles, move Scott Shanks LTD up in local & Surrey Hills SEO rankings.
The Basic’s
Within the image below, I am showing you a search I executed using an incognito screen for SEO Surrey Hills.
These were the organic results that Google returned. As you can see my website needs to move up six places in order to get to the number one organically ranked site.
First I executed a Competitor Analysis on the websites above me.
I then started to pull together a blog post with some keywords that I believed would help me move up the rankings.
I also modified my homepage to focus more on SEO than the wide range of offerings I had.
I will show the keyword research data shortly.
Within three days my site and this post moved up the rankings leaving me just two more places to gain.
This was a lot quicker than I expected.
I did install an AMP plug-in on day one which I disabled as it was given a poor mobile experience due to my website structure. So this is one for the future.
I like to use Trello with all my clients. I do this to track our agreed work (otherwise known as requirements) & to use as a dashboard during weekly meetings. I have a Trello board set up for SEO. Send Email“>If you want access to the Trello board just pop me an email & I’ll add you. 

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