Cricket Ball Magnetic Bottle Opener by Bottlepops | Ideal Gift for Christmas. A Novelty beer/soda bottle opener with a simple push down automatic bottle top remover

£13.99 £11.97

  • THE MOST ENTERTAINING BOTTLE OPENER: Opening your beer & soda bottles doesn’t have to be annoying – we make it fun!
  • UP TO 25 UNIQUE SOUNDS: With so many sounds in each talking bottle opener the fun will last forever!
  • EASIEST BOTTLE OPENER TO USE: The push-down bottle opener makes it super easy to open your beer!
  • FANTASTIC GIFT IDEA: This Christmas surprise them with a gift that shows you really know him/her. Our customers love the triple pack so they can give 2 away and keep 1 for themselves!


Introducing the coolest Automatic Cricket Ball Bottle Opener ever made!

As seen on Shark Tank Australia which is like Dragons Den in the UK


  • Easy to use and portable.
  • Better than wall mounted bottle openers.
  • Opens beer and soda glass bottles easily.
  • Magnetic cap catcher within the bottle opener making it easy to keep everything tidy.
  • High-quality and durable. Easy to change the batteries within the Bottlepop.
  • Great for Cap Collectors.
  • Ideal for men, women or seniors who have arthritis due to the simple push down function.
  • Excellent for professional Bartenders.


A marvelous gift for dads. Great to have during a BBQ, party, sporting events, motor racing, camping at Car Shows. Perfect gifts for the best-man or to give the coolest housewarming present.

Imagine your friends are coming to your place for a few drinks.

The drinks are cold, the food is prepared and the game is on TV. Your friends are about to arrive but you know you need to do something unique to wow them.

To get them fired up for a big night and plenty of laughs. What do you do?

Introducing the Bottlepops Range!

Each Bottlepop features up to 25 entertaining unique sounds designed to look and feel just like the real game!

Simply grab a bottle from the fridge and hand it to them with a Bottlepop as they walk through the door. Then watch their faces react in amazement as the simple push down ‘POP’ functionality opens their beer with ease and automatically triggers a hilarious sound file.


Legal Disclaimer

The sounds within this product are from popular global commentators in English.