PayPal selling on social service

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I love using PayPal to deliver my quotes and invoices. PayPal is very secure for you and your clients.

I have started to use the Sell On Social offering. It is really simple to set up a listing in just a few minutes. You can set everything up from your mobile phone and then you get a link to direct customers to your product.

Easy to set up a product as shown in this image

As ever PayPal makes it very easy for your customers to check out and that’s the added benefit I find.

This is an example of one of my product listings on PayPal clearly showing you the buy now button

After you have created your product you will be offered a few ways of sharing it socially, as shown in the picture below.

Example of links generated automatically by PayPal

I personally set up my offerings on PayPal and then use the PayPal link within my Google Product Listings on my Google Business Page.

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