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Welcome to my new & fresh blog. I love all things fitness, agile project management & technology.

Welcome to my new & fresh blog. I love all things fitness, agile project management & technology.

Fix a Mixed Content issue within 30 secs | HTTPS Padlock Warning | How to find the issue and fix

When visitors come to your website they will be using web browsers. These web browsers may flag up a warning to the visitor if your website has insecure resources. This is why you need to move from HTTP to HTTPS. HTTPS is secure.

When building a website it’s vital that you have the SSL certificate on each page. Without the SSL certificate, the page will come up as unsafe and some people may not be able to view it. Also, they will more than likely press the back button which will impact your google analytics.

Occasionally when building a website you may come across an issue which is known as a mixed content error. This is when typically and the image is being displayed using HTTP rather than using HTTPS. It’s quite a common issue, especially when you’re building a website and very easy to fix.

In this video, I will show you how to find the error and how to resolve it.

I am using Chrome during this video.

1, go to the page which is showing up as insecure,

2, next right-click on the page and select inspect,

3, then click the warning triangle in the top right-hand corner of the inspect panel,

4, at the bottom of the inspector panel you will see the warnings and errors,

find the mixed content error,

5, right-click on the image witches giving you the error and open up in a new tab,

6, you now can see the image which is given you the error quite simply re-upload it and the problem should be resolved.


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